Superior cutting quality with Hypertherm's X-Definition plasma system

Posted on 30/09/2019
Posted by Hypertherm

“I strongly recommend Hypertherm's systems because the performance is far more superior and offers good hole cutting quality.” – Gwangyang Bending

The company and products

Amidst heightened market competition in South Korea, manufacturers with the ability to produce products of superior quality are better poised to maintain an edge over rivals. For companies in the metal fabrication industry, the decision to adopt cutting solutions that are capable of producing high-quality cut parts is one of the most crucial.

Based in Gwangyang, Korea, Gwangyang Bending Co., Ltd. delivers cutting and bending services for construction and structural steel companies. Since its inception in 2015, Gwangyang Bending has proven both its versatility in handling projects of varying requirements and its reliability to get the job done well.

The problem

Driven by a desire to improve product quality and to expand operational capabilities, the team at Gwangyang Bending embarked on a search for a solution. It was important for the company to invest in a cutting system that could deliver not only high-quality cuts, but also improve its ability to implement bevel cutting.

The solution

The search concluded when the team came across Hypertherm’s latest X-Definition® plasma system, the XPR300™ – which is capable of tackling high-precision applications and offers superior cut quality.

“The improvements to the cut quality of our products were very significant and has given us a boost in winning our customer’s faith,” shared Mr. Lee. “We emphasize a lot on the quality of our products and the precise cutting that the XPR300 provides helps us to ensure we can maintain our excellence while growing our business.”

The factory-tested True Bevel™ technology offered on the XPR300 also removes the need for trial and error with the different types of bevel cutting. By embedding common parameters into Hypertherm’s ProNest® software that is used to control the movement of the bevel cutting torch or cutting head, the True Bevel technology significantly improves the speed, repeatability, and accuracy of bevel cutting with Hypertherm’s XPR300. With the introduction of the XPR300, the company is able to dedicate the new system for bevel cutting of metal sheets between 1.6 mm to 30 mm thick. As a result, not only is the cut quality improved for products with finer detailing, but the production time is also greatly reduced.

Besides the benefits that Hypertherm’s solution provided, Gwangyang Bending also found Hypertherm’s customer service standards very attractive. The Hypertherm team offered timely response and support to address Gwangyang Bending’s every concern, right from the early stages of decision-making through to after-sales assistance.

“We were impressed with Hypertherm – not only with cut quality and speed that the XPR300 offered, but also the level of support and after-sales service offered by the Hypertherm team,” explained Mr. Lee Hyun-sun, Senior Operation Manager at Gwangyang Bending. “And we could also see that Hypertherm places a lot of emphasis on working closely with customers to understand our experience and address our needs.”

The benefits

Within just months of adopting the Hypertherm innovation, the metal fabricator began to reap numerous benefits – noticing many improvements the XPR300 has made over their earlier system.

With the XPR300™ system, Gwangyang Bending can now fabricate products with a smoother bevel edge, repeat the same bevel cut without the need for guesswork, and prevent errors related to cutting through automatic controls. Operators can also check on the status of the system’s power supply via a mobile app – making it not only convenient, but also more efficient for monitoring and maintenance.

The improved consumable life offered by the XPR300 also reduced operating costs for Gwangyang Bending. The sophisticated design of the XPR300 – along with the Arc response technology™, sensors in the power supply deliver refined diagnostic codes, and enhanced system monitoring information – reduces troubleshooting time and provides proactive system maintenance data for improved system optimization. As a result, the lifespan of consumables is increased by eliminating the impact of ramp down errors.

“We’re tremendously pleased with the results we have achieved with Hypertherm’s solutions,” commented Mr. Lee. “Consumable life has been extended by nearly 1.5 times with the XPR300. This means that we have not only achieved improvements the quality of our products but also made significant cost savings.”

With improved capabilities from the Hypertherm cutting solutions, Gwangyang Bending now looks toward expanding their business further.

Mr. Lee concluded, “We have full confidence in the service offered by the Hypertherm team and the integrity of its solutions. Hypertherm’s solutions has allowed us to win the faith of our customers, and I would definitely recommend their plasma cutting systems to anyone looking to enhance their operational capabilities.”


Posted on 30/09/2019
Posted by Hypertherm