3D cutting with precision and speed

"Before we had the XPR300™ system, we struggled to be competitive in pipe and tube and plate cutting." – Fought & Company

Double the parts

“The XPR is a lot faster. The cuts are cleaner, there's no dross on the bottom side of the cut." – Sargent Corporation


Efficiency, accuracy, quality

"The quality of the XPR300 cut is the very best that I’ve seen." – Lyman-Morse

Close tolerances, little distortion

“The XPR has a better quality of cut. The overall performance is 300% better." – Phoenix Products


Quicker, more reliable, less consumables

“The machine tells you everything; it cannot go wrong." – D Kennedy Steel Supplies Ltd.

Cheaper than laser

“Quality is superb. It is nearly as good as laser." – Steelweld


Cut bolt holes, increased production

“Looking back it’s the best investment the company has ever made.” – R.M.P. Products Ltd.

Better cut quality, less dross

“170 AMP process helps us to cut thicker materials a lot quicker." – Teagle Machinery


Faster, better quality, saving money

“With the addition of the XPR300 our performance has grown a lot." – Fire Group

Best economic solution

“We improved our productivity with 21%.” – Oxycentre


Mobile connectivity

“It allows us to produce more cost-effectively." – STADLER GmbH

Increased efficiency and flexibility

“We decided to go with state-of-the-art technology." – Buthmann Ingenieur-Stahlbau AG


Improved quality

“The demands for quality are stricter; therefore we made this decision." – Promont s.r.o.

Easy settings

The thermal impact of the XPR300 is less, so the parts hardly need any adjusting." – Transmashholding


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