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The AccuStream™ DiaLine™ cutting head is precision-engineered produce a perfectly aligned cutting stream  resulting in maximum transfer of energy to the workpiece, and less wear and tear on cutting head components. Featuring a diamond orifice that’s backed by an industry-leading 600-hour warranty, DiaLine is the most technologically advanced cutting head available, and can be fully customized to meet the needs of any operation.

Type Waterjet systems
Product line Waterjet
Material type Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, other (carbon fiber, glass, granite / stone / tile, foam, food, etc.)

Increased productivity

  • Perfectly aligned head delivers quality cuts – no more struggling with poor cutting streams
  • Removable diamond mount provides maximum flexibility for a variety of cutting applications
  • Longer maintenance intervals adds up to maximum uptime

Easy to install, easy to maintain

  • Smart, service-friendly design allows easier inspection and routine maintenance

Built to last

  • Long-life diamond orifices and precise nozzle alignment increase nozzle longevity by as much as 15%
  • Wear-resistant mixing chamber withstands the demands of abrasive waterjet cutting; anti-turbulent design reduces wear, protects the diamond orifice, and optimizes abrasive usage

DiaLine™ vs. standard ruby head

The chart below illustrates the average cost of operating a DiaLine cutting head over a 1200 hour period as compared to a standard ruby orifice cutting head.

 Average lifePer 1200 hrsAverage costExtended
Orifices 40 1200 30 1 $15 $425 $450 $450
Nozzles 60 70 20 17 $85 $85 $1,700 $1,455
Cutting head 2000 1200 .06 1 $300 $340 $180 $340
Total $2330 $2210

In 1200 hours the cutting process will never be interrupted due to a blown orifice. In fact, nozzle life increases by as much as 15% due to a perfectly aligned stream. Using a DiaLine Cutting Head, there is no more struggling with poor cutting stream and having to worry if important parts will be damaged due to failed orifices. The DiaLine is your assurance of maximum cutting performance and prolonged up-time!

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