HyAccess extended consumables for Powermax systems

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Patented HyAccess™ consumables extend approximately three inches beyond standard Powermax consumables to provide the extra reach needed when cutting or gouging in hard to reach or confined spaces. HyAccess’sunique consumable design allows for better visibility and accessibility when working on challenging locations such as corners and channels.

HyAccess consumables are compatible with the following handheld torches:

  • T30v torches for the Powermax30®
  • T45v torches for the Powermax45®
  • Duramax™ LT torches for the Powermax30® XP
  • Duramax Lock torches for the Powermax45® XP
  • Duramax torches for Powermax65, Powermax85 and Powermax105 15-65 A
  • Duramax retrofit torches for Powermax1000, Powermax1250, Powermax1650, Powermax600, Powermax800, Powermax900, MAX42 and MAX43 15 – 65A


HyAccess consumables compared to standard consumables

Type Specialty consumables
Product line Powermax
Material type Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, other

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For Powermax30, Powermax30 XP and Powermax45 systems

Part numberDescriptionCompatible system(s)
428443 HyAccess cutting only starter pack (swirl ring not included) Powermax45®
Powermax30® XP
428444 HyAccess gouging only starter pack (swirl ring not included)
428337 HyAccess consumable kit
420137 Electrode
420144 Nozzle, cutting
420147 Nozzle, gouging
420148 Retaining cap
220670 Swirl ring*

* This is the standard swirl ring for the Powermax45 which is also compatible with Powermax30 systems. The standard swirl ring for the Powermax30 XP is also compatible for use with HyAccess consumables.


For Powermax45 XP, Powermax65, Powermax85, Powermax105 and Powermax and MAX systems with Duramax retrofit torches

Part numberDescriptionAmperageCompatible system(s)
428445 HyAccess cutting only starter pack (swirl ring not included) 15-45 A

Powermax45® XP

Legacy Powermax® systems with DuramaxRT torches

Legacy MAX systems with DuramaxRT torches

428446 HyAccess gouging only starter pack (swirl ring not included) 15-45 A
428414 HyAccess consumable kit 15-45 A
420408 Electrode 15-45 A
420410 Nozzle, cutting 15-45 A
420412 Nozzle, gouging 15-45 A
420413 Retaining cap 15-45 A
220857 Swirl ring 15-45 A

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