HyPerformance HD3070 torch upgrade

The HyPerformance® HD3070® torch upgrade and 100-amp consumables for mild steel and stainless steel/aluminum deliver improved cut quality and consistency – and significantly lower operating costs – for your HyDefinition® HD3070 plasma system.

System information


More consistent cut quality and longer consumables life

Less than 1/2 the operating cost


Gas specifications
Plasma gas O2, N2, F5*, H35** & N2, Air
Shield gas O2, N2, Air
Gas pressure
8.3 bar (120 psi)
*F5 = 5% H, 95% N2
** H35 = 35% H, 65% Ar


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228132 Kit: HPR/HD3070 torch upgrade (contains HyPerformance machine torch, pressure test gauge kit, and identification labels)
228134 Kit: HPR/HD3070 consumable parts kit for 100 A mild steel
228137 Kit: HPR/HD3070 consumable parts kit for 100 A stainless steel/aluminum


Each kit contains the following:

  • HyPerformance machine torch
  • Pressure test gauge kit
  • Identification labels

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