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Plasma or oxyfuel

Comparison of Hypertherm plasma to oxyfuel

Plasma is rapidly becoming the cutting technology of choice worldwide. An experienced oxyfuel user can deliver good results for certain cutting applications, such as cutting very thick mild steel. However, plasma's fast cut speeds, superior cut quality and ability to cut other kinds of metal make it an ideal choice for many metal cutting applications.

Better cut quality

Plasma systems produce less dross, less warping, and a smaller heat-affected zone than oxyfuel.

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Greater productivity

Cut speeds that can be as much as 8.5 times faster and significantly quicker pierce times are just two productivity advantages.

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Lower cost per part

Greater productivity and reduced secondary operations lead to lower cost per part.

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Higher profitability

Plasma's lower operating cost per foot/meter leads directly to higher profitability.

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Easier to use

Handheld cutting with plasma is easier to learn because you can drag-cut and there are no gases to regulate.

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Increased flexibility

With plasma, you can cut any electrically-conductive metal, stacked, layered, and even rusted or painted metal.

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Improved safety

Plasma does not require the use of acetylene, a highly flammable and explosive gas.

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