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Plasma Education

Proper training on the latest cutting technologies is critical for today's students who need to know more than just oxyfuel cutting when they graduate. At the same time, experienced welders from all industries can benefit by expanding their plasma cutting knowledge.

PlasmaEducation.com is a resource for welding instructors and anyone else who needs to teach people how to cut, gouge, and bevel with plasma. It includes information on Plasma Cutting Technology: Theory and Practice™, the only comprehensive plasma cutting curriculum available today, as well as information on Hypertherm produced training modules, reference articles and resources for obtaining grants.

We hope you find the tools you need for your classroom and lab space. If you have ideas for this site, let us know. Feedback can be directed to plasmaeducation@hypertherm.com.


Plasma Cutting Technology

Handheld cutting

Plasma Cutting Technology: Theory and Practice™. The first commercially available training material specifically for plasma cutting and gouging. Learn more and view a sample chapter.

Reference articles

reference articles

Hypertherm's plasma cutting experts share their knowledge with a series of reference articles from leading Welding and Cutting publications.

Grant information


A number of agencies and organizations offer grants to support the purchase of teaching tools, including curriculum and equipment.

Hypertherm Cutting Institute

Hypertherm Cutting Institute

Interactive online training modules provide even more resources for people wanting to learn about plasma cutting equipment and consumables.

Course Registration

Handheld cutting

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