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Hypertherm, Inc. offers a very generous package that includes traditional as well as innovative benefits to all associates. The benefits are structured to care for and improve the overall well-being of all participants.

Health benefits

Medical coverage
• Hypertherm offers a choice of plans that are customized to meet the needs of its Associates including an OAP and High Deductible plan. Hypertherm offers a three-tier prescription drug plan. Hypertherm’s prescription plan also offers a reduced-cost, mail-order option.

Dental coverage
• Hypertherm’s partnership with Northeast Delta Dental provides coverage for a broad range of dental services, including orthodontics.

Vision coverage
• Our vision plan provides eye examinations, conventional corrective lenses, contact lenses and frames through a nationwide network.

Health and dependent reimbursement accounts
• As voluntary Flexible Spending Accounts, these benefits offer the advantage of increasing your take-home pay while also reimbursing you for out-of-pocket health and dependent care expenses.

Retirement benefits

Hypertherm Stock Ownership Plan
• Associates participate in a company sponsored stock ownership plan after one year of service.

Retirement 401K plan
• Hypertherm sponsors a 401K retirement plan with a matching contribution for all Associates.

Time off benefits

• 10 paid holidays per year

Earned time
• 3 weeks annually up to 5 years
• 4 weeks annually after 5 years
• 5 weeks annually after 10 years

Community service time
• Hypertherm is committed to making a difference in the community through philanthropic activities.
• Associates are eligible to use up to 24 paid hours for volunteering after 90 days of service.

Life and disability benefits

• Life Insurance benefit of one times your annual base earnings.
• Short Term Disability
• Long Term Disability
• Long Term Care Plan

Additional benefits

Adoption Assistance Program
• Hypertherm provides eligible Associates with adoption benefits—including financial reimbursement, paid time off, adoption leave of absence, and resource and referral services.

• 5 days of paid time off

• Associates are eligible for Degree Program assistance (dependent on documented criteria) after one year of employment.

Profit sharing
• Determined annually based on company’s profitability (Last 5 years average payment = 26% of base pay).