Should you buy online?

Some Hypertherm products may be purchased online, often at prices that may appear attractive. For certain customers considering certain products, buying online may make sense. Other customers may be better off purchasing from a local seller – even if the price is higher than online. When deciding whether to purchase from an online seller or from a local distributor, customers should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Is the price listed what I will pay? Does it include:
    • Shipping charges?
    • Taxes or tariffs?
    • Credit card fees?
  • Is the price listed in my currency? If not, is there foreign exchange risk?
  • Does the product being sold have the required regulatory approvals for my market? If not, who is liable?
  • Is the seller authorized or licensed to ship products into my area? If not, what happens if the product is stopped in transit?
  • Who will provide additional training or other on-site support when I need it?
  • How much assistance do I need determining which Hypertherm product is right for me?
  • Would I benefit from an on-site demonstration for me or my employees? Who will provide preventative maintenance or warranty support, should I need it?
  • Is it important to me – or to my business – to purchase products from local suppliers?

Note: Authorized Hypertherm channel partners who sell via the Internet are not authorized to ship product internationally. The reason for this is because they do not necessarily have access to products that meet the regulatory requirements outside of their home country, and because they do not offer in-market service and support for international customers.