Regional pricing variations

Where it is practical to do so, Hypertherm sells some products in multiple currencies. For example, in the United States, Powermax products are sold in United States Dollars ($), while in the European Union, these products are sold in Euros (€). Hypertherm believes this benefits customers in the European Union as it keeps prices from fluctuating with currency movements. This consistency of pricing allows customers to more accurately budget their planned expenditures and avoid the foreign exchange risk (buying when prices are high) that they would otherwise face.

The result, though, is that when the Euro is strong, US Dollar pricing may seem inexpensive. In fact, whether the customer is in the United States or in the European Union, the customer's actual cost for Hypertherm products has not changed, regardless of any change in currency values. Besides currency factors, price differences between countries are driven by the other variables listed on this site, such as shipping costs, import fees, and product differences due to regulatory requirements.