DynaMAX waterjet systems

In addition to producing exceptional fine-feature cut quality, waterjet technology can handle a wider variety of materials and thicknesses than any other cutting method. Whatever your waterjet application – from small prototype jobs to 24/7 manufacturing – there’s a DynaMAX™ cutting machine to meet your needs.

Features and benefits

Lowest cost of ownership

When you factor in the cost to purchase, own, and operate, you’ll discover that Hypertherm DynaMAX waterjets outperform all other systems, typically by 20% or more. Those savings go straight to your bottom line.

Cumulative cost of ownership (4137 bar vs. 6200 bar, excludes abrasive cost)

Graph showing cumulative cost of ownership 4137 bar vs 6200 bar (includes abrasive cost)

Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT)

At the heart of every DynaMAX waterjet, you’ll find our Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT). By rethinking the way the intensifier pump works, we were able to make it work harder, last longer, and require less service time.

Result: the most reliable, most cost-effective waterjet in the world, and a pump that:

  • Delivers optimum cut quality
  • Is easier to service
  • Lasts longer
  • Is easier to access
  • Requires less routine maintenance



Typical applications

Waterjet technology produces excellent fine-feature cut quality with low edge angularity, no heat-affected zone, a narrow kerf, and virtually dross-free cutting. It is widely used to cut stainless steel and aluminum, but its flexibility also makes it useful for other materials.

Typical applications include:

  • Shape cutting of ¼” and thicker aluminum
  • Net size cutting of ½” and thicker stainless steel
  • Blank cutting parts for final machining
  • Short run lots of sheet metal parts
  • Screen cutting
  • Converting plate stock to bars
  • Precision cuts in ½” and thicker mild steel
  • Hardened materials
  • Intricate shapes in delicate materials
  • Custom shims in stainless steel and exotic materials
  • Tube cutting

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