Hypertherm Waterjet in Modern Metals Magazine

By Hypertherm
Posted on 09/23/2014 in SPARK the blog, Waterjet cutting

Modern Metals Magazine is out with its September issue which features Water FX, a company based in Las Vegas. In the article, titled Sin City Strategy, Water FX discusses its use of a Hypertherm Waterjet system. Water FX's Mark Little likes the system's ability to cut all thicknesses of metal, from super thin aluminum to extremely thick stainless steel. Another plus is the elimination of all post-processing work and simplified maintenance.

As the article explains, Hypertherm systems tend to require less maintenance than most waterjet systems. Dave Dumas, one of our waterjet experts explains why.

"The Advanced Intensifier Tech­nology (AIT), found only in our pumps, extends the life of key components like high-pressure seals and cylinders by de­signing in protection of those components. A key element of AIT is the use of a large-diameter plunger that provides the optimal stroke, producing more water per­ stroke with less friction, which protects and extends seal life."

The Hypertherm system makes pump maintenance quick and easy by making the seals super accessable. This makes it possible to change seals in 30 minutes of less.

A screwless poppet design means there is no screw to come loose inside the pump, potentially damaging a cylinder or plunger.

A key mating surface of the cylinder is intemal rather than ex­ternal preventing damage if the piece is accidently dropped.

A tie rod design on the intensifier eliminates threads on the cylinders because they can gall (become friction welded together) costing thousands of dollars in downtime and $3,000 to $4,000 more in replacement parts.



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