Digital countertop fabrication and why it rocks.

By Ann Thompson, Hypertherm
Posted on 06/03/2019 in SPARK the blog, Waterjet cutting

Hypertherm is more commonly known for plasma technology and metal cutting, but do you know that our waterjet technology can cut a variety of materials, including slabs of stone used to make kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities?

Park Industries manufactures the SABERjet™, SABERjet™ XP, and FUSION® CNC SawJets and the OPTIMUS™ Robotic SawJet. SawJet technologies combine the speed of a saw with the precision of a Hypertherm waterjet to maximize productivity for stone processing. The saw is fast on straight cuts, and automatically switches to waterjet for tight angles, curved edges, and holes for sink and faucet inserts. These machines are so efficient that they can process a single stone slab in under 20 minutes and the best part, the slab never has to leave the table.

Park Industries uses Hypertherm’s HyPrecision and HyPrecision Predictive waterjet pumps across their SawJet portfolio and with these stoneworking machines, countertop fabricators have less fabrication work to do. That’s because countertops and vanities come off the cutting table nearly ready to install, and enable stone fabricators to reduce material waste, while lowering labor and operating costs.

If you want to learn more about SawJet systems, Park Industries hosts the Digital Stoneworking Expo serveral times a year. Anyone can attend these educational events and registration is free. Along with offering an opportunity to network with other stone fabricators, the expo topics include information on digital stone fabrication; how labor shortages impact countertop fabricators; machine and software demonstrations; fabricator presentations; and local shop tours. 

June's event is already full, but you can plan ahead for the next expo. It's scheduled for October 2-3 in Orlando, Florida and you can contact Park Industries about registration

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