Software subscription buyer's guide


Hypertherm is now offering its CAD/CAM software users the ability to purchase their software on a subscription basis.

You’ll be receiving the same, industry-leading software as before, with the same local desktop installation. The only difference is that subscriptions offer greater purchasing flexibility. They provide you with another way to buy software that may be easier, more convenient, and more cost effective for your organization.

Of course, you’ll still have the option to buy a traditional, perpetual license that provides permanent ownership of the software.


Subscription or perpetual – which option is best for me?

  Subscription Perpetual
Usage period Monthly Permanent
Payment type Low up-front cost Higher up-front cost
Tax and accounting treatment Operating expense Capital expense
Cash flow Small impact Big impact in year one
Purchase approval process Quicker, easier More involved
Tiers / modules Easily scale up or down Requires a purchase
Software updates, upgrades, training, and support Included Requires the purchase and renewal of an annual maintenance plan