Torches and cutting heads

Powermax plasma cutting and gouging systems

The Powermax® family of products consists of seven highly portable, professional grade air plasma cutting and gouging systems. Built to withstand heavy duty use in demanding industrial environments, the systems are an ideal choice for hand or automated cutting and gouging of any electrically conductive metal; depending on system size, they offer a severance cut capacity from 5/8" at 30 A to 2-1/4" at 125 A. Learn more

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The Air T30 hand torch is rugged and designed to withstand the toughest environments. The Air T30 torch comes pre-installed on the Powermax30® AIR plasma system with a 4,5 m (15') lead and work clamp with 4,5 m (15') lead.

Designed for durability and reliability, Duramax® Hyamp™ torches are built to handle the full 125-amp output of the Powermax125® plasma cutting system and are also compatible for use on lower amp Powermax® systems. Duramax Hyamp torches are available for handheld and machine cutting and gouging, and robotic cutting.

Enhance the performance and productivity of your Powermax600, 800, or 900 or MAX42 or MAX43 system with a Duramax retrofit torch.

Enhance the performance and productivity of your Powermax1000, 1250, or 1650 system with a Duramax retrofit torch.

Hypertherm's RT80 retrofit torch delivers improved cutting performance and extended consumable life for your Powermax1100 plasma system.

Duramax® 75° and 15° hand torches are well suited for a variety of applications such as gouging, fine feature cutting, extended reach cutting, and flush cutting.

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