HOPE Foundation Board

The HOPE Foundation Board provides fiduciary oversight and strategic direction for grant making from the Foundation. The Board empowers the Hypertherm Associates who volunteer on the HOPE Team to make grant allocation decisions on behalf of the Foundation.

Barbara Couch
President – HOPE Foundation

Dick Couch
Chairman of the Board, Hypertherm Inc.

Brooke Couch Freeland
Managing Director – The Couch Family Foundation

Sean Gorman
Attorney – Sheehan Phinney Bass and Green
Secretary – HOPE Foundation

Lori Hibner
Commodity Manager- Hypertherm
Team Liaison – HOPE Foundation

Jack Lee
Business Development Manager – Hypertherm
Treasurer – HOPE Foundation

John H. Vogel Jr.
Adjunct Professor and Associate Faculty Director for the Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship

Gail Gentes
Director of Action Based Learning, Office of the Provost, Dartmouth College

Nini Meyer
Founder and President of Positive Tracks

Carey Chen
President, CEO, and Board Director at Cincinnati Incorporated



Empowering our Associates with funding decisions on behalf of the Hypertherm HOPE Foundation embodies the shared ownership culture that is fundamental to Hypertherm.

Barbara Couch

Barbara Couch

“Receiving the Cornerstone Award from NH Businesses for Social Responsibility and Governor Lynch was a tribute to Hypertherm associates. I am so proud to work in a company that values service and philanthropy and demonstrates that value every day."


Stacet Chiocchio

Stacey Chiocchio

"As a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Team it is my privilege to represent Hypertherm each and every day. Nothing would make me happier than to have every associate at Hypertherm use at least 2 hours of Community Service Time so they will experience that wonderful feeling that you get when you have helped others. That is what makes me smile."


Alex Coombs

Alex Coombs

"Over the years I've had the opportunity to volunteer for many organizations including Special Olympics and various youth programs/associations. Being active in the community one lives, works and plays in has always been a mantra of mine. Being part of a company, business, organization that fosters and embraces that philosophy is extremely gratifying."


Jenny LevyJenny Levy

"I am inspired every day by working with my dedicated fellow Hypertherm associates and with the dynamic and effective non-profits in our region, all of who care about contributing to our community and protecting the environment in meaningful and permanent ways. I believe that together we are making a positive difference for this generation and those who will follow."


Ross SmithRoss Smith

"Together we are so much stronger. Every time we get to interact in a helpful way and lead by example, learning takes place. Learning that leads to a better place to live for all."


Megan BloodMegan Blood

"I am honored to work for a company that is so deeply involved in the community. My community involvement excelled when I was in college, and at the time I did not realize that I would have such strong support to stay involved with the community as I entered the workforce. Hypertherm has allowed me to continue working with my community, and has opened a new door to the type of support I can provide the community with through the HOPE Foundation."


Rain FlanaganRain Flanagan

"It was my mom who showed me how to give even when you have very little. Money may be hard to come by, but the gift of your time and effort can mean a lot to someone who needs it. I've always felt that if you want to motivate people to be philanthropic you need to give them an experience. In my early 20's, I delivered a bike to a single mom for her son for Christmas. It was her tears of disbelief and gratitude that I will never forget. I'm proud to work at Hypertherm where we promote and encourage those experiences in the hopes that we will make an indelible mark on someone else (giver or receiver)."


Lori HibnerLori Hibner

"Recently I read the quote that "Happiness is a byproduct of living generously". I believe that the HOPE foundation embodies that spirit. I am so fortunate to be a member of the Philanthropy Team and work for a company that believes in supporting their local community through both funding and a strong associate volunteering program."


Travis LahayeTravis LaHaye

"Hypertherm allows all of us to give back, we are so fortunate to work for such a generous company. Being involved in the HOPE team is much more than something to do, it's being involved and truly helping others, which I feel strongly about. I know what it's like to struggle at times and need help, if I can provide even a small glimmer of inspiration for what Hypertherm does for our community, that will be reward enough for me. I am honored to be a part of this team."


Dan GaudetDan Gaudet

"I am blessed to work for a company that allows its associates to give back to the community in ways that are important to them. I care about the community that I live and work in. It's important to me to make our community as rich and fulfilling as we can for all generations to enjoy. Leading the Community Service Time committee for the past year has really reinforced these values for me. I enjoy seeing the impact Hypertherm associates' efforts have in the community. I am especially driven to provide opportunities for children in our community. That's why I am involved with the Whaleback Core Team, Lebanon Youth Baseball, Toys for Tots, Junior FIRST Lego League – just to name a few. People constantly ask, "Why are you involved with so much?" My response is always, "Because, it's what I love to do!"


Jeff OrtakalesJeff Ortakales

"It’s inspiring to be surrounded by people who are so dedicated to making a difference in their communities and I’m proud that Hypertherm places so much importance on it. I’m glad that I’ve been able to make a difference – especially in the area of STEM and hopefully inspire kids to pursue careers that they might not have otherwise. I’m excited to be a part of the HOPE team and to be able to influence my community on multiple levels."


Johnnie JonesJohnnie Jones

"Winston Churchill said “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”. What a fantastic life Hypertherm empowers me and my fellow associates to live through all the volunteer work and philanthropic endeavors we take part in. Witnessing the changes Hypertherm associates are making daily in our communities is something very special to be a part of. It is an Honor to be a member of the HOPE team and be giving the opportunity to represent the associates of Hypertherm."


Sarah SwiftSarah Swift

"Being a member of the HOPE Team is one of the most rewarding opportunities of my career and a milestone in my life. The strength and goodwill this organization inspires within Hypertherm and beyond invites generosity, happiness and pride in our hearts.  It paves a path allowing us to touch our communities in so many ways; truly making our world a better place."


Sarah Toppin

Liz Toppin

"Growing up in a small town, I began volunteering alongside my parents before I even knew what the word volunteering meant. As a result, I made my own definition. It was community, a sense of love for one another and security but most importantly it was hope. Seeing the look of hope on someone’s face must be one of life’s most humbling lessons and a reminder that we are all in this together. I am incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to help this community grow in a positive direction through the HOPE Foundation."


Jeff Cornish

Jeff Cornish

"I chose to work at Hypertherm because it is a great place to work and it had a positive effect on my family.  Through the CST program at Hypertherm, I could leverage the positive effect of Hypertherm and share it with local people and groups that need help.  As a member of the HOPE team, I can extend these benefits to an even wider audience and help make a difference in the lives of many people in the upper valley.  It is truly gratifying to be a part of this effort to make a difference in our communities."


Matt GorskyMatt Gorsky

"I am happy to have been able to continue in my workplace the kind of giving and community focused charity that I once applied in hobby groups I was a member of.  I have recently also added another hobby group to my activities focused on inspiring and informing locals of an important historical manufacturing district called the Precision Valley. I highly enjoy being able to work towards people learning new things."