A message from our CEO

The tragic death of George Floyd and the resulting outpouring of anguish and protest across the United States and around the world have caused us, like so many others, to reexamine our own efforts to address the real and persistent issue of racial discrimination.

Hypertherm is a 100% Associate-owned global company comprised of 1,800 individuals from many races and ethnicities. We are motivated by our core values, including Respect for the Individual, as we firmly believe that each of our Associate owners brings a unique set of experiences, skills, and abilities that contribute to our success. While we do not have all the answers, we have an obligation to ourselves – and to you, our partners and customers – to uphold our core values and to help accelerate change within our company, our industry, and our communities. This starts with listening to those experiencing discrimination and injustice and then critically examining our individual and organizational attitudes and practices and making commitments to act.

Our Inclusion & Diversity mission states that “we are committed to building an inclusive workplace and diverse workforce at Hypertherm. All owners have an equal opportunity to succeed and be their best and true selves. We accept, respect, and welcome difference because it makes us stronger.” This mission is an aspiration and a directive to us as an organization and as individuals.

We understand that we all own the success of this mission and today we re-commit to holding ourselves and one another accountable within our company, our industry, and in our global community, and we know that only by working together will we achieve the change that so many of us want to see.



Evan Smith  

Chief Executive Officer

Hypertherm, Inc.