Handheld cutting

Almost any industry that uses metal in their product or relies on heavy equipment uses handheld cutting. Traditionally done with oxyfuel, punch presses, drills, or cutting shears, plasma has proved to be a faster, more efficient cutting solution. For example, air plasma systems, such as Hypertherm’s Powermax® line, are now capable of cutting carbon steel up to 2” in thickness faster than oxyfuel.

Typical uses include:

  • Fabricating parts as needed
  • Gouging out welding defects and back gouging
  • Repairing heavy equipment, such as dump trucks, tractors, rail cars, and cargo trucks
  • Trimming metal components to size or fitting up joints
  • Creating architectural decoration and metal art
  • Removing lugs or cutting off tabs used for fit-up

Process technologies used:

  • Air or oxygen plasma
  • Oxyfuel
  • Mechanical tools (presses, shears, etc.)

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