Equipment leasing company offers more solutions with new Freedom 38 PPA

Posted on 06/24/2016
Posted by Hypertherm

The company and products

Welder’s Supply and Equipment Rental, located in Port Allen, Louisiana, specializes in leasing equipment to industries in the Gulf area for construction, projects, plant turnarounds, and plant outages. To support these projects, Welder’s Supply offers a broad range of equipment, from generators and forklifts to welders and plasma cutting systems.

The problem

Plant turnarounds, construction, and similar jobs often require a lot of metal to be cut on site and operate on tight deadlines. Rarely, though, is there enough power available to run a 125 amp plasma system like the Powermax125®. Customers were left to choose between oxyfuel, which is slow and limited to carbon steel, mechanical cutting tools, or piecing together a large generator, plasma system and air compressor.

Jeffery Simpson at Welder’s Supply noted that they have an integrated plasma and generator unit which had been very successful for them, but “It is 15 years old and the company doesn’t make it any more. Also, it cuts only about 5/8" or so.”

Meanwhile, Hypertherm’s Powermax air plasma systems, also offered for lease by Welder’s Supply, could tackle a wide variety of cutting and gouging jobs, with a severance capacity up to 2.25" on the Powermax125. Matching up the right combination of power, air, and plasma, keeping track of the different pieces of equipment and troubleshooting any issues presented challenges though.

The solution

When Simpson heard that Hypertherm was launching the Freedom 38 PPA™, a 38 kW diesel generator integrated with an air compressor and a 125 amp Powermax125, he immediately wanted one for their fleet of rental equipment. The unit was rented out soon after it arrived. He’s seen demand in the scrap industry and in plant maintenance and retrofit work. “Overall, the machine has been great,” Simpson says.

Welder’s Supply rents the Freedom 38 PPA by the day, week, or month. The typical rental is two weeks to one month. Simpson says they expect to have made their money on the system back after the first year, compared with a 36 month payback time for typical welders.

Turner Industries, a company that builds, maintains, and services heavy industrial facilities, was one of the first customers to lease the Freedom 38 PPA from Welder’s Supply. Their project required cutting out and removing a reactor from a power plant. The metal that needed to be cut ranged from 1-3/8" stainless steel to 2-1/2" thick Inconel. When Turner came to Welder’s Supply looking for a cutting solution for the project, Simpson recommended trying the Freedom 38 PPA because of its integrated design and portability. Although the Powermax125 has a severance rating of 2-1/4" it was able to get through the thicker materials.

The benefits

The Freedom 38 PPA is designed with a lift eye and fork lift slots so that it can be loaded on a work truck, trailer, or skid and brought to even very remote job sites. Auxiliary 480 and 120 volt outlets allow the user to power other equipment, such as a welder or work lights, as needed.

Plant maintenance or retrofitting jobs that require a plant shutdown while the work is underway are particularly time sensitive due to the productivity cost of a down plant. Plasma’s fast cut speeds help ensure that the project is completed as quickly as possible.

For a leasing company like Welder’s Supply, the Freedom 38 PPA is one more way they can offer the best solutions for cutting and gouging of metal on jobs where power and compressed air are not easily accessible.

Posted on 06/24/2016
Posted by Hypertherm

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