Very quick and easy to use

"Previously the job took us several hours, now it just takes 15-20 minutes." – A Zeta Gomma

Reliable, fast and cutting small features

"We were looking for a machine capable of cutting fast and really small features and Hypertherm provided this." – MPL Waterjet


Reliable and easy to service

"There’s very little maintenance you have to do on the machine and if you do have trouble the tech service at Hypertherm will help you any way they can." – BMSI

Made for the user

"Every day we come in with a game plan and we have our work lined up. If we have to stop whether it’s 30 minutes or 2 hours, that’s a big deal to us. You can tell that Hypertherm equipment is engineered in a way to be made for the user." – Louisiana Cutting


No problems

"When we start a job, we have confidence that it’s going to run without any problems." – Bollinger Shipyards

Very easy and quick to service

"Getting close to 650 hours we had to change the seals on one side which took us less than 30 mins and we were back in service. We were very pleased with that, how fast that went." – Ideal Surfaces


Less maintenance, more production

"I’ve worked on several pump models and brands and Ì find that since we’ve switched to the Hypertherm system maintenance service calls are much less frequent and productivity gains much greater." – Milhorat

Reliability is key

"We can’t afford to stop, so our seals need to last. If we need to stop, this pump is absolutely easier and faster to service." – Eriks


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