It’s official. Hypertherm is joining forces with OMAX® to form the industry’s leading waterjet technology offering. In combining OMAX’s direct drive pumps, software, and applications technologies with Hypertherm’s complementary portfolio of HyPrecision™ intensifier-based pumps and abrasive recycling systems, we can materially advance our strategy of delivering diverse, technology-driven cutting solutions for dramatic improvements in customer outcomes.

While this transaction significantly strengthens our waterjet business, it also has the effect of growing our overall industrial cutting solutions business, including our foundational plasma cutting business. We continue to invest for growth and leadership in all parts of our business—including plasma, waterjet, laser, software, and motion control—to provide continued innovation and customer value across our product line-up.

As a customer, you should see very little change. We will continue to work in the same way to support our customers and partners and continue to deliver the same products and services you have come to rely on from Hypertherm, striving to be better every day. Whether plasma, waterjet, laser consumables, or software, Hypertherm’s goal is to bring you the very best cutting solutions, and we believe this transaction puts us in an even better position to do just that.

Based in Kent, Washington, OMAX Corporation is a global leader in advanced abrasive waterjet systems that cut virtually any material and thickness with unmatched speed and accuracy. Owner of the OMAX®, MAXIEM®, GlobalMAX, and ProtoMAX brands, the company provides a comprehensive selection of JetMachining Centers that feature intuitive software controls and incorporate the most efficient pump technology available.

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Hypertherm and OMAX Public Q&A

Q. What is being announced?
A. OMAX Corporation and Hypertherm are announcing the successful closing of a previously announced agreement to establish OMAX as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hypertherm. The agreement, first announced on March 20, formally combines OMAX’s industry leading direct drive pumps, software, and applications technologies with Hypertherm’s complementary portfolio of intensifier-based pumps and abrasive recycling systems to form the industry’s leading waterjet technology offering.

Q. Who is OMAX?
A. OMAX is the largest integrated waterjet cutting systems manufacturer in North America and the second-largest globally, with a little less than 400 people employed. It is 25 years old, based in Washington State, and is the inventor of many of the defining advancements in waterjet cutting technology. OMAX differs from Hypertherm’s existing waterjet business in a few different ways. It sells fully integrated waterjet cutting tables, uses direct drive pump technology, rather than the intensifier technology used by Hypertherm, and sells both direct and through dedicated channel partners.

Q. Who is Hypertherm?
A. Hypertherm is a New Hampshire based company that makes plasma systems and waterjet pumps, laser products, and cutting software used by companies worldwide to cut material like steel, aluminum, and granite. The company was founded more than 50 years ago, is employee-owned, and has more than 1,400 Associates around the world. The similarities to OMAX are striking. It is not a publicly traded company, is a market leader founded by engineers, strongly believes in research and development, and is focused on its customers and employees with a remarkably similar and complementary culture.

Q. Why has OMAX decided to make this change?
A. OMAX’s founders, John Cheung and John Olsen, devoted their careers to building OMAX into the industry leader it is today. They have been planning the future of OMAX for some time and sought to partner with an organization similarly focused on the customer, leading-edge innovations and values-focused leadership, like Hypertherm. Dr. Olsen sadly passed away earlier this year; however, in keeping with their agreed upon plan, Dr. Cheung has proceeded with the transaction and will remain with the organization as a consultant to help ensure a successful transition.

Q. How will this impact our business relationship?
A. We don't anticipate major changes. OMAX will continue to operate as it does today for the foreseeable future. Over time, the two companies will identify and implement opportunities to leverage their combined strengths for further improvements in customer service and support, enhanced technology development, improved partnership, and market reach.

Q. Will OMAX continue to be based in Kent, WA?
A. Yes, OMAX will continue to operate in Kent as it has for the past 25 years.

Q. Do you anticipate any changes to the product line or availability?
A. No.

Q. Will OMAX lose focus on waterjet with this merger?
A. OMAX will remain focused on the things that have made it a leader in the abrasive waterjet market: aggressive technology and product development along with strong after-sale services, in keeping with its customer-focused mindset.

Q. What does this tell me about Hypertherm’s commitment to plasma?
A. Hypertherm’s commitment to plasma will remain as it has for the past 50 years. Its plasma business remains a core part of the long-term growth strategy. The company will continue to invest in plasma technology and intends to maintain its leadership position in the market. Because OMAX has strong stand-alone R&D and sales resources, Hypertherm does not expect this agreement to distract or dilute its focus on plasma market leadership.

Q. Who should I contact with questions specific to me?
A. Please contact your account manager or customer support as usual.