COVID-19 update

To our customers and business partners,

Hypertherm is considered an essential business as defined by the United States Department of Homeland Security. As such, our operations remain open even as we take precautions to protect the well-being of our Associate owners and the global communities in which we work.

We are still producing product and managing inventory to meet customer needs for products, parts and consumables. All Technical Service and Sales Support Associates are available via normal phone and email channels to support our customers and partners.

We understand your ability to keep your business running depends on our ability to meet your needs by having a ready supply of product and spare parts available. Our procurement and global supply teams are working hard to maintain a steady supply chain and will continue to do their best to adapt to changing conditions.

Steps Hypertherm is taking to manage COVID-19

Hypertherm has had a team managing our COVID-19 response since early January. As the pandemic has grown and spread around the world, the team has introduced numerous practices to support our business priorities of Associate health, community health, and business continuity.

We are following all recommendations from health agencies and World Health Organization. This includes social distancing and consistent sanitation as the number one way to prevent the spread of the virus in our facilities.

Personal hygiene. We have been communicating personal prevention advice since mid-February such as the need to wash hands frequently and keep hands away from the face. Face mask usage in our company facilities is aligned with local governmental policies and we have a supply of masks available at all times for Associates who would like one.

Surface hygiene. We expanded the availability of sanitation materials at all locations so Associates can easily sanitize work areas. In addition, Operations Teams are cleaning all equipment and workstations several times a day. On-site Associates with their own work area are required to sanitize their workspace at the beginning and end of their shift.

Professional cleaning. Our professional cleaning contractor is cleaning high-touch common surfaces such as bathrooms, water fountains, door handles, and handrails three times per day. Sign-off sheets in each of these areas ensure we meet these minimums.

Social distancing. Social distancing practices have been in place since mid-March. This includes asking Associates to maintain a six-foot buffer between themselves and others. We removed extra tables and chairs from common areas to serve as a reminder of the six-foot buffer and have added tape to floors.

Telecommuting and remote work. We continue to follow the guidance of international, national, and regional public health bodies in making decisions regarding telecommuting and remote work with requirements changing depending on local transmission conditions and governmental requirements.

Travel. We are avoiding all business travel and strongly encouraging the use of remote meetings. If an Associate feels travel by air or public transportation is business critical and unavoidable, they must first seek approval from our Management Team. We have also asked Associates to carefully evaluate work-related travel by car in favor of remote meetings.

Symptom checks. We have asked all on-site Associates to perform self-checks for COVID-19 related symptoms. Associates exhibiting any symptoms are asked to remain at home, self-isolate, and call their healthcare provider. In addition, anyone entering our buildings must undergo and pass a wellness check.

Paid emergency leave. In order to ensure Associates do not feel pressured to come into work, we have enacted “Public Health Emergency leave” of up to 10 days or 80 hours for any COVID-19 related impacts that prevent an Associate from working. This could include caring for themselves or a family member such as a sick relative or child.