PowerDredge abrasive removal system

Cleaning out your waterjet’s abrasive tank doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, messy chore. Hypertherm’s PowerDredge™ abrasive removal system not only reduces the manual labor associated with abrasive cleanouts; it also reduces costly system downtime. And that means added profitability. The system also makes it easier to recycle used abrasive, and simplifies abrasive transport from waterjet table to disposal.

System information


Flexible overflow option gives you extra flexibility when configuring your waterjet operational footprint, because the self-tipping hopper location isn’t dictated by a rigid PVC overflow.


PowerDredge self-tipping hopper

Dimensions 1,981 mm X 1,093 mm X 1,220 mm (78 inch X 43 inch X 48 inch)
Empty weight 492 kg (1,085 lbs)
  Allow space in front of the self-tipping hopper for forklift vehicle access to remove the bag


PowerDredge diaphragm pump

Dimensions 368 mm X 429 mm X 308 mm (14.5 inch X 16.9 inch X 12.1 inch)
Weight 22 kg (49 lb)
  Air requirement is a minimum of 2 bar at 140 slpm (30 psi at 5 scfm)
  Maximum distance between the pump and the cutting table is 600 mm (2 feet)


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PowerDredge configurationsPart number
Configuration #1: Base system with heavy duty strainer
Single hopper, PVC overflow, heavy duty strainer, 9 nozzles
Configuration #2: Heavy-duty system
Single hopper, flexible overflow, heavy duty strainer, 9 nozzles

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