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Published Articles

Hypertherm prides itself on its ongoing efforts in advancing thermal cutting technology around the world. Below you will find the latest feature articles written about Hypertherm. Many of these articles are written by Hypertherm experts sharing Hypertherm’s latest cutting technologies and processes. Click on the links to read the articles in their entirety.



The state of plasma

October 2014 - Fab Shop Magazine Direct
by Evan Smith
Evan Smith, president of Hypertherm, says that connecting with end users and automation are two areas in which the plasma industry needs to step up its game.
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Not your grandfather's plasma

December 2013 - Fabricating and Metalworking
by JoAnn Bortles
My previous experience with plasma cutting happened 30 years ago and was so awful that I never wanted to use one again. I vowed then and there to never use plasma again. Then I used one of the new units from Hypertherm.
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Beyond the Cut

November 2013 – Modern Metals
by Gretchen Salois
DSI Underground Systems in Virginia realizes it can significantly reduce production time while improving cut quality and speed by upgrading its current plasma cutting process.
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Nesting software makes laser cutting more efficient

October 2013 - Welding Design & Fabrication
by Robert Brooks
Hypertherm’s ProNest software helps Service Line boost the performance of a 20-year-old laser-cutting system.
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Efficiency By Design

September 2013 – Industry Week
by Jill Jusko
Good design applies to more than product appearance and performance. On the plant floor, it can be the difference between delivering a product on time or losing a customer. Ideal Products and Hypertherm share measures they took to improve operational performance.
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Training People for Productivity

July 2013 – FF Journal
by Matthew Burge
Faced with a personnel need far greater than the available supply, Hypertherm takes workforce development into its own hands.
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Better plasma cutting on stainless steel

February 2013 – The Fabricator
by Dan Davis
Penn Stainless Products, Quakertown, Pa., wanted to upgrade its plasma cutting operations so that it could cut thicker stainless steel plate. It found that plasma technology advancements could deliver the thicker cut and additional benefits as well.
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Cutting a Niche

February 2012 - FF Journal
by Gretchen Salois
Working with thick materials requires equipment with specific capabilities, but not every company has the means to tackle the challenge. Houston-based Sabre Alloys does thanks to some help from Hypertherm.
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Heavy piercing with plasma

January 2012 - The Fabricator
by Tim Heston
High-density plasma arc cutting can effectively cut thick plate. The most challenging aspect, in fact, is that initial pierce. To that end, a few basic strategies help overcome this challenge, allowing the plasma to pierce through inches of metal as effectively as possible.
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A Better Angle

November/December 2011 - FF Journal
by Gretchen Salois
A manufacturer of farm equipment uses a new "straight" torch from Hypertherm for easier fabricating in corners and tight locations.
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Plasma Systems Save Time and Money in Pipeline Construction

October 2011 - North American Pipelines
by Paula Flanders
Pipeline workers discover the time—and money—saving benefits of plasma on weld repairs and tie-in points.
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One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table

July 2011 - The Fabricator
by Douglas Shuda
The fiber laser and plasma systems share similar delivery systems. Neither require any kind of optical alignment between the power source and cutting head. The two thermal cutting processes share many similarities, from an integration standpoint, which is why the two now can be integrated onto a single cutting table.
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New plasma technology

April 2011 - Canadian Metalworking
by Paula Flanders
New materials and torch shapes increase range of plasma cutting applications.
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Growing with Plasma

January 2011 - Canadian Metalworking
by Derek Weston
A Canadian steel building firm’s investment in high tech plasma system leads to a 40% cost savings.
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Successful Plasma Cutting Counts on Consumables

July 2010 - Practical Welding Today
by Amanda Carlson
Clayton Gould of Hypertherm's torch and consumables team, discusses the five hand-held plasma consumable components, how they work with one another to achieve a successful cut, and what operators should look for when evaluating whether consumables require replacing.
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Using DFMA to Control the Controller Design

April 2010 - design2partmagazine.com
By Design 2 Part
A careful approach to engineering and design helps Hypertherm make a good CNC even better.
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New Plasma Cutting Technology Takes Care of the "Hole" Issue

January 31, 2010 - fandmmag.com
by Jim Colt
Users of mechanized plasma cutting for plate in the gauge to 1 inch thick range can now benefit from a major technological breakthrough. Advanced engineering has improved plasma bolt hole cutting to produce holes that rival drilled holes and plate laser cut holes – at the speed and operating cost of plasma!
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Door No. 1, door No. 2 or door No. 3?

October 1, 2009 - snipsmag.com
by Kat McQuade
When it comes to cutting metal, there are lots of options out there. The trick is figuring out which option is right for you.
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Don't rule out plasma for cutting aluminum - clearing up the misconceptions

January, 2009 - thefabricator.com
by Michael Bishop
When it comes to cutting metal, there are lots of options out there. The trick is figuring out which option is right for you.
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Ranch Dressing

November, 2008 - Fabricating & Metalworking
Whether raising poultry or cattle, or growing wheat, soybeans, corn or sugarcane, one thing farmers and ranchers have in common is their drive for greater cutting and gouging productivity. Another is their use of portable plasma cutting tools to save time and money in metal fabrication and repair jobs.
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Cleaner consumables, cleaner cuts, better production

September, 2008 - The Fabricator
Regular maintenance and effective troubleshooting lower operating costs.
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Plasma Powered

July, 2008 - Truckin Magazine
A Super Duty truck does double duty, not only showcasing Hypertherm products, but serving as a real life example of all that plasma can do.
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Plasma Cutting Systems Combine Versatility with Efficiency

April, 2008 - Welding Journal
by Reese Madden, Powermax Product Manager
Plasma’s ability to quickly perform a variety of applications on different metal in various locations makes Powermax systems versatile productivity tools.
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Service Center Fabricates Its Future

March, 2008 - The Fabricator
by Dan Davis
The productivity and versatility benefits of Hypertherm HySpeed plasma systems help 119-year-old company weather tough economic times.
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Keeping it Fast and Simple with Plasma

October, 2007 - Modern Metals
by Steven Thompson
The faster speeds, consistent cuts, and reliability of Hypertherm’s Powermax family help businesses keep pace with expanding workloads.
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Improving Plasma Cut Quality - Best Cuts Begin with System Components

September, 2007 - The Fabricator
by Tex Whiting
Creating high quality parts time and time again is fast and easy if you follow a few simple steps to optimize your system.
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