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Plasma Cutting Technology: Theory and Practice

Plasma Cutting Technology: Theory and Practice™ is the first commercially available training material specifically for plasma cutting and gouging. It is designed for welding instructors at both the high school and college level, union and military trainers, in-house training departments, welding and cutting distributors who want to offer value-added customer training, and leaders of student organizations such as Future Farmers of America.

Developed in partnership with experienced welding instructors and approved by the AWS SENSE program, this 10-hour course contains everything educators and trainers need to teach students how to cut with plasma. A mix of traditional lecture and hands-on exercises make it easy for welding instructors to reach students with a range of learning styles. Participants will learn:

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The curriculum includes lessons and exercises, interactive presentation slides, a comprehensive facilitator's guide, and actual plasma torches and consumables for classroom use. Additional student handouts and workbooks are available through an included CD/DVD. In all, each curriculum includes:

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Proper training on the latest cutting technologies is critical for today's students, who need to know more than just oxyfuel cutting when they graduate. At the same time, experienced welders from all industries can use this curriculum to expand their skills, making them more valuable employees and increasing their productivity – and companies' profitability. Plasma Cutting Technology: Theory and Practice™ is available exclusively through Hypertherm-authorized gas and welding distributors.

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