Hypertherm - Cut with Confidence

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Understanding the true cost of cutting metal

The true cost of your cutting operation is only fully understood by looking at how productive your cutting system is and what it costs to operate over time.

Consumable cost over time

A function of consumable technology and system operation!
(=price per set X sets used per month)

Cost of consumable changeovers over time

(=number of changes per month X time per change X labor and overhead rate)

Cost of lost production from changeovers

(=hours of downtime per month X value of production per hour)

Cost of lower productivity, quality and inconsistency

  • Scrap and edge rework time from inconsistent cut quality
  • Lost sales and business opportunities due to lower productivity and quality
  • Downtime, emergency service and damaged torches from inconsistent consumables and catastrophic failures

Getting the most from your investment

We understand your Hypertherm plasma system better than anyone and are ready to give you the support you need and to show you how to get the most from your system. High-quality consumables do not make up for an improperly functioning machine. Correct operation and regular preventive maintenance are critical to optimum performance.

Key operating points

  • Match the consumable parts to the amperage and material
  • Ensure proper torch height during piercing and cutting
  • Check the gas pressure and the integrity of the gas delivery system
  • Only purchase your consumables from an authorized Hypertherm distributor and look to see that a Hypertherm laser mark is present to ensure you are using genuine Hypertherm consumables.

Preventive maintenance (PM) always costs less than an emergency repair and will pay for itself many times over from improved system performance. Working with your Hypertherm partner, we can train you and your operators and provide everything you need to maintain your system in peak condition. PM schedules are available for most systems.