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Hypertherm plasma torches and consumables

Using genuine Hypertherm torches and consumables for your Hypertherm plasma cutting system is the only way to ensure optimal performance. Our torches and consumables have the latest performance-enhancing technologies and are machined to the highest quality standards. We stand behind our products with industry-leading service and training.


Torches and consumables by system

Consumables by system

Locate torch and consumable information by system.

Consumable kits

Powermax consumables kits

Consumable kits offer versatility and convenience to meet your cutting needs.

Technology upgrades

Technology upgrades

Our focus is to develop new performance-enhancing technology for Hypertherm systems old and new.

The cost of cutting

The cost of cutting

Understand all the ways consumables affect total cost, and how Hypertherm consumables reduce it.

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