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Centricut consumables

Centricut consumables for Laser and Plasma

Centricut is a Hypertherm brand of consumables for non-Hypertherm mechanized plasma and CO2 laser systems that delivers superior cutting performance and quality at the lowest overall cost. Centricut consumables are engineered using Hypertherm’s latest technologies and are manufactured with Hypertherm’s standards for quality, precision and consistency. Our Product Specialist Team, with years of experience and hands-on knowledge of all major OEM brands, provides our customers with technical guidance and recommendations for all Centricut plasma and laser consumables.

To learn more about Centricut brand plasma and CO2 laser consumables visit www.centricut.com

Laser replacement optics

With nearly 3,000 part numbers, including laser optics and mirrors, the Centricut CO2 laser consumables product line is one of the largest on the market. Centricut CO2 laser consumables are manufactured with Hypertherm precision and consistency delivering OEM quality with every order. With over 25 years of combined laser cutting experience, our product specialists can assist you with application and technical support.


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You can download the laser overview brochure, full catalog or find your manufacturer below and click the name to download a separate catalog.

Centricut Plasma OEM replacement parts

Whatever brand of mechanized plasma system you have, Centricut consumables will optimize your investment. Patented SilverLine and CoolFlow technologies dramatically boost consumable life and improve cut quality in a wide range of plasma applications. Centricut plasma consumables are engineered using Hypertherm technology and manufactured with Hypertherm precision and consistency.

The tabs below lead to Centricut brochures and quick set-up guides for the plasma manufacturers indicated.
Click to learn more about Centricut plasma technology.

Download Plasma Catalog

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Download Plasma Catalog



Centricut Consumables for ESAB
Document Type Torch Description
Brochure ESAB M3 and PT36
Brochure XP3 consumables for ESAB PT-19XLS and PT-600
Quick set-up guide XP3 consumables for ESAB PT-19XLS and PT-600
Quick set-up guide ESAB PT-600
Quick set-up guide ESAB PT-19XLS
Quick set-up guide ESAB PT-19XL
Quick set-up guide ESAB PT24
Quick set-up guide ESAB PT-15XL
Centricut Consumables for Kaliburn
Document Type System Description
Brochure Kaliburn Spirit and ProLine
Quick set-up guide Kaliburn FineLine 200/150
Centricut Consumables for Kjellberg
Document Type System Description
Brochure Kjellberg HiFocus 100
Brochure Kjellberg HiFocus 130/160i (PerCut 160/170)
Brochure Kjellberg HiFocus 130/160i/161i (PerCut 210M)
Brochure Kjellberg HiFocus 280i/360i/440i (PerCut 370)
Brochure Kjellberg HiFocus 280i/360i/440i (PerCut 450M)
Quick set-up guide Kjellberg PA-S70/PA-S75, FineFocus 800/900
Brochure Kjellberg FineFocus 800 Plus
Centricut Consumables for Koike
Document Type System Description
Brochure Centricut consumables for Koike Super 400+
Centricut Consumables for Komatsu
Document Type System Description
Brochure Rasor 40/90/120
Centricut Consumables for Thermal Dynamics
Document Type System Description
Brochure Centricut consumables for Thermal Dynamics Merlin 3000, 6000

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