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Torches and consumables

Torches and consumables are a critical part of any cutting system. Hypertherm engineered torches and consumables ensure optimal performance of the plasma system at the lowest possible operating cost. Manufactured with exacting standards and incorporating new patented technologies, Hypertherm's manufacturing advantages extend to its Centricut brand of torches and consumables for non-Hypertherm plasma and laser systems.


Hypertherm plasma torches & consumables

Plasma consumables

Hypertherm torches and consumables are designed with the latest technologies to enhance cut quality, provide longer consumable life and improve overall productivity.

Centricut CO2 laser and plasma torches & consumables

Centricut plasma consumables

Centricut consumables utilize Hypertherm technology and manufacturing expertise to deliver the highest performance and quality plasma and CO2 laser consumables available.

AccuStream waterjet consumables

AccuStream waterjet consumables

AccuStream has developed a full line of waterjet parts for all the major brands of waterjet cutting machines. For us, high quality means offering our customers the highest possible return on their investments.