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Handheld cutting

Hypertherm's Powermax line of plasma systems will help you get your cutting and gouging jobs done faster, easier, more reliably and at a lower cost. View the complete line of Powermax systems, torches and consumables, upgrade opportunities and accessories.


plasma systems

Handheld plasma systems

High-performance industrial products for every cutting and gouging need.

plasma system

Engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity mechanized and handheld cutting and gouging, the MAXPRO200 delivers reliable performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

Torches & consumables


Genuine Hypertherm torches and consumables provide the latest technologies to enhance cut quality, provide longer consumable life and improve overall productivity.

Genuine Hypertherm Accessories

Genuine Hypertherm Accessories

Genuine Hypertherm Accessories are designed to enhance the ownership experience and improve performance.

Where to buy

Where to Buy

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