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Rapid Part technology - SureCut

Revolutionary plasma performance: Rapid Part technology

As part of Hypertherm's SureCut technology, Rapid Part technology delivers significant productivity increases, automatically without operator intervention. Rapid Part technology uses motion optimization techniques programmed into the part program and automatically executed by the computer numerical control (CNC).

Stacks of flanges cut with and without Rapid Part Technology applied

Rapid Part technology increases the number of parts produced per hour by up to 100%

Rapid Part Video Demonstration

Video Demonstration

Rapid Part Step-by-Step Process Animation video clip

Process Animation

Rapid Part technology achieves productivity enhancements by reducing cut-to-cut cycle time (the time the arc is off), including the time from the last cut or pierce to the next pierce, typically including:

1. Torch retract
Rapid vertical (Z-axis) motion using the ArcGlide or Sensor THC intelligently retracts the torch to the next pierce height, based on material and part properties.
2. Table motion
Optimized motion instructions programmed using ProNest with its optional Collision Avoidance module, which minimizes the chances of torch collision and the distance between the end of one cut and the pierce on the next part.
3. Initial Height Sensing
- Rapid Z-axis motion using the ArcGlide or Sensor THC.
- Automatic fast-to-slow speed crossover calibration.
- IHS skipped intelligently, based on part geometry and nest configuration.
4. Gas pre-flow
Completed simultaneously during initial height sensing and during machine motion if IHS is skipped.

Less cut-to-cut cycle time means increased productivity

  • Using an 8" (20.3 cm) flange, more than half the time after the operator presses “go” is spent moving between cuts when using competitive THCs.
  • Hypertherm’s Integrated Plasma Cutting Solutions, with Rapid Part technology, reduces the cut-to-cut cycle time by 80% and the time it takes to cut each part by about 50%.

Note: Cut-to-cut cycle time improvement will be apparent on all jobs, with the most significant productivity improvements achieved on nests using thin plate with a high part / pierce count.

Total part time:
(8" [20.3 cm flange] with 8 holes)
Red = 80% reduction; 50% reduction overall

Total part time

Command THC with Hypertherm CNC, HPRXD and nesting software

ArcGlide or Sensor THC with EDGE Pro or MicroEDGE Pro CNC, HPRXD, and ProNest nesting software

When purchasing a new cutting table be sure to ask about cut-to-cut cycle time. Some cutting table manufacturers are able to deliver similar results using their own CNC, THC, and nesting software products combined with Hypertherm plasma systems.