Hypertherm - Cut with Confidence

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Computer Numeric Controls (CNC)

CNC systems from Hypertherm are delivered worldwide with cutting expertise built in, providing consistent product performance with easy-to-use software that empowers the operator to make the optimal cut, every time. All CNCs utilize Phoenix software for consistent operational experience and are configurable to support each specific customer need. Whether your application calls for plasma, oxyfuel, bevel or laser cutting, repeatability 24/7 is the standard.

Easy, Reliable, Performance



This turnkey controller provides cutting process performance for new tables and retrofits.

MicroEDGE Pro

The MicroEDGE Pro CNC brings Hypertherm’s latest hardware and Phoenix software technology to a product that is customizable for a wide variety of applications.


The EDGE Pro Ti includes internal drive amplifiers and is available with optional axis motors, cables and an integrated height control.

Legacy CNC Products

Here are Computer Numeric Control products that Hypertherm no longer manufactures, but service support is still available.