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HyTech Engineering Program

Hypertherm's global growth has created a need for a pipeline of strong design engineering talent to further the design and commercialization of the next generation of products and technology.

The mission of the HyTech Engineering Program is to develop Hypertherm engineers with the competencies and experience to be future technical experts. You will gain exposure to multiple work teams, product designs and technologies with the global leader in thermal cutting technology.

The HyTech Engineering Program is a highly competitive program, with one or two candidates per year selected to participate.

  Program description

Hypertherm's Hytech Engineering Program consists of three rotations of design engineering assignments. Each project lasts six to nine months, with projects supporting multiple product teams, including: Mechanized Plasma, Manual Plasma, Torch and Consumables Design, Hypertherm Automation (CNC Motion Control and Laser Team) and the Centricut Product Design. Under the guidance of an assigned mentor, assignments span technology development, new product design and product commercialization.

Assignment themes

Responsibilities include creation of prototypes and validation testing methods, evaluation of validation data and execution of analyses to evaluate design quality in one or more technologies: Power Engineering Mechanical and Packaging Design Plasma Torch Design Control Systems Embedded Software Laser Optics Use Design of Experiments (DOE), robust design and solid model-based, finite element analysis (FEA) techniques to design robust major components, assemblies and subsystems. Provide engineering analyses, testing and design improvements to support issues identified in the field. Participate in commercialization of product designs, with responsibilities that include: creation of engineering drawings and documentation, completion of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analyses and implementation of design modifications.
Candidate profile Recent engineering graduate with the minimum of a BS degree (MS preferred). Genuine interest in working collaboratively and effectively with others as part of a high-functioning team. Technical knowledge in one or more of the following areas: printed circuit board design, CAD (e.g., SolidWorks or ProE), solid model-based FEA analyses (thermal, fluid, and stress/deflection) and DFM. Solid combination of strong analytical skills and knowledge of structured experimental methods. Strong desire to work across boundaries between engineering, manufacturing and supply chain for successful product commercialization.
Competencies required Integrity, Passion for Results, Impact and Influence, Working Across Boundaries and Focus on the Customer.

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