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True Bevel technology - SureCut

Innovation for plasma bevel cutting: True Bevel technology

As part of Hypertherm's SureCut technology, True Bevel™ technology for HPRXD® plasma systems is a new performance application for mild steel. Factory tested and easily implemented, it takes the guesswork out of the plasma bevel-cutting process. With True Bevel, setups for new jobs are quick and results are accurate.


Using Hypertherm mild steel bevel cut parameters customers can quickly achieve accurate bevel parts for new jobs.


  • Setup time and scrap material are greatly reduced for new job setup due to reduced trial and error.
  • Bevel cut sequence recommendation is provided for improved accuracy and consistent quality.
  • Scalable parameter tables with embedded equations allow users to add new angles with ease.
A-cut, V-cut and Top-Y
A stack of parts cut with True Bevel technology on an HPRXD

True Bevel technology works with all common bevel head designs and covers V, A, and Top-Y style cuts for mild steel:

Bevel angle and land density coverage

True Bevel technology process parameter tables contain values for V- and A-cut angles ranging from 15° to 45° and Y-Top cuts from 22.5° to 45°. The tables contain values for lands ranging from 20% to 50% of the material thickness for Y-Top cuts. You can add other angles and land dimensions within the specified ranges into the bevel process parameter tables for more flexibility. The tables automatically provide newly calculated output values for angle compensation, kerf, cut height, cut speed, and arc voltage.

Thickness coverage - English units (inches)

0.250 0.312 0.375 0.500 0.625 0.750 0.875 1.000 1.250 1.500 1.750 2.000
80 A x x x
130 A x x x x
200 A x x x x
260 A x x x x x
400 A x x x x x

Thickness coverage - metric units (mm)

6 8 10 12 15 19 20 22 25 32 38 44 50
80 A x x x
130 A x x x x
200 A x x x x x
260 A x x x x x x
400 A x x x x x

V-cut and A-cut angle coverage

Angle *
V-cut -45° -40° -37.5° -35° -30° -27.5° -25° -22.5° -20° -17.5° -15°
A-cut 45° 40° 37.5° 35° 30° 27.5° 25° 22.5° 20° 17.5° 15°

* Angle signs based on negative bias head.

Top cut angle and land coverage

Y-top Angle * -45° -37.5° -30° -27.5° -22.5°
Land dimension 20% 35% 50% 20% 35% 50% 20% 35% 50% 20% 35% 50% 20% 35% 50%

* Angle signs based on negative bias head.

Field test results

Field trial of bevel cutting

Without True Bevel
- 1st three trials

With True Bevel
- 1st trial

The top three parts were job setup iterations during field testing using the existing method that took more than 1 hour to complete. At least one further iteration would be required to obtain an acceptable part.

The bottom single part was achieved on the first try using True Bevel and is an acceptable part ready to start production.

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