Environmental Stewardship

One of Hypertherm's long-standing Core Values is a focus on the environment. In a recent survey of our worldwide Associates 89% of us felt that it is Hypertherm's responsibility to help reduce our impact on the environment. We aspire to become leaders in environmental stewardship - as a global community of over 1,000 Associate-Owners, as a supplier of products and services to thousands of customers worldwide, as a U.S. manufacturer, as an engineering community of metal-cutting solutions.

As a company, we have an inevitable effect on the environment. Hypertherm manufactures products that utilize electricity and consume additional parts throughout their useful life. We get parts and materials for those products from mostly near, but sometimes far, bring them to New Hampshire to make and test them using electricity, water, and chemicals, and ship them back around the world to our thousands of Customers. While the fact that we have an impact is inevitable, the depth of that impact is not inevitable. We are working to become better environmental stewards; it is a process we care deeply about.

As with anything we do at Hypertherm, we want our environmental initiatives to be Associate-owned, to create best-in-class leadership, to be measurable, and, above all, to create positive change.

We believe our environmental impact as a company comes from the following areas, and in this order:

For the past decade we've had a "Green Team" of volunteer Associates driving grassroots change and focus. In recent years this group has grown and our company-wide focus on the environment has grown even stronger.

In 2010 every team at Hypertherm created a "Green Business Indicator." This is a way to capture how each team is thinking about how they positively influence their effect on the environment in a visible, measurable, and meaningful way. A GBI is within a team's sphere of control and influence and is something they feel is impactful and attainable.

Hypertherm has a strong foundation upon which to build our work to reduce our environmental impact. In many ways this work is just beginning.

Our Environmental Stewardship vision is best defined:

Hypertherm's vision of environmental sustainability is embedded in our cultural norms and reflected in our long-range business planning. We promote business practices that respect the Earth and our environment. Our green strategy differentiates us from our competitors and maximizes shareholder value.

Hypertherm's environmental standards go well beyond legal minimums. Our business decisions are made with the understanding of their full economic, social, and environmental impact - we do no harm to, and take opportunities to improve the quality of life of our customers, associates, business partners, communities, and our environment.